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Mobile Human Performance Wellness Testing Lab

FitnessWave pioneered the Mobile Hydrostatic Wellness Lab back in the early 90's. Our Mobile Human Performance Wellness Lab not only offers Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing "The Gold Standard", but we also have Resting Metabolic Testing (RMR), and VO2 Sub-Max Testing as well. Now you can offer these services that once only could be found at a Local University or Hospital. Be your own boss and provide your local market with an exemplary service to Businesses, High Schools, Health Clubs, Health Clubs, and Fitness Centers alike.


Take advantage of this ground floor opportunity in the booming health care industry with virtually no competition.
  • Easy Home based Business
  • Turn-Key Design
  • Low Overhead
  • Great return on investment with an average price point over $84 dollars per client.
  • Limited Opportunities Available, Don't miss out!
  • Leasing Options Available
Each FitnessWave Mobile Wellness Lab Includes:
    • Your choice of either a 2015 Freightliner 24 foot box truck or Pre Owned 4-6 year old Diesel 24 foot box truck
    • Territory which generally includes an entire state
    • FitnessWave Hydrostatic Tank System
    • Resting Metabolic Equipment
    • VO2 Sub Max Equipment
    • Exercise Bike for VO2 Test
    • Custom H20 Holding tank
    • Digital pump/heater filtration system for crystal clear water
    • New - Load Cell Scale with direct usb computer hookup and display system

Advertising such as posters, displays with tripods, rack cards and tri-fold pamphlets.

Use of the FitnessWave name, 100's of shell documents , listing on our website, database hosting, and superior customer support.

Large custom FitnessWave Logos throughout the mobile lab for exceptional advertising. Like a rolling billboard!

* Full custom build out of our mobile lab which includes: 7000 watt Generator with land power option, Carrier AC/Heaters, Custom Work Stations, two inch insulation, Trek wood floors, TV/DVD Player Laptop and printer, CD player, attractive interior with changing rooms, bench seats, and much more!

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How to Book the Mobile Lab

  • FitnessWave has successfully been providing mobile hydrostatic testing at health clubs, fitness centers, gyms, personal training studios, country clubs, corporations, and the like since 1993 but we are always looking for community partners in your area.
  • Besides offering a great service to your own clients and or community at no out of pocket expense, our mobile lab draws special attention to your facility hence attracting potential customers to see your business. As an added bonus, we can advertise your location on our website and/or client newsletter.
  • Whether you want to plan a Special Event around our test day or just have us routinely come out quarterly, semi-annually or annually, we make it easy for you to implement our testing services.
  • Also, we welcome you to provide our technicians with any marketing or promotional materials (flyers, posters, coupons, etc.) to distribute during these fitness assessments.
  • All we need from you, as our partner and host is safe and adequate parking (generally 4-5 spots) for the mobile lab.
  • We provide all the promotion materials and clients can sign-up onsite at your location or online via our website.
  • If you think you might be interested in booking the mobile lab to come out to your facility, please fill out the questionnaire below or call your local service provider.
  • We are completely self insured, therefore there is no financial burden or liability for you as the event host, and we will be happy to provide you an insurance certificate upon request.
How Does FitnessWave Benefit Your Location?

If you are unfamiliar with all the various body fat testing methods, it may seem a little confusing to you when every gadget on the market claims to accurate and consistent. The fact is, other methods of body fat analysis are constantly comparing themselves to the hydrostatic method which is still universally regarded as the "Gold Standard"of body fat analysis.

While the hydrostatic analysis utilizes complex formulas and statistical data to make its computations, the test itself is based on the rather simple fact that in water, fat is lighter than muscle. In other words, fat floats, lean muscle mass sinks.

In 1993, FitnessWave pioneered the concept of mobile hydrostatic weighing and succeeded in bringing high quality hydrostatic body fat analysis to a level that any club owner can afford, its FREE! That's right, Free! Now you can offer the complete services of FitnessWave to your members several times a year with NO out of pocket expense for your club.

Our proven system has tested tens of thousands of clients utilizing our custom state-of-the-art software program as well as statistical data compiled from tested and respected medical research and in our humble opinion; there is no better value in the industry today.

Our tank though simple in appearance, is really a complete mini swimming pool including a filter, pump, heater, chlorinator, and a constant supply of clear fresh circulating water, thus ensuring health code compliance and customer satisfaction.

The entire test can be done in about 15 minutes or less making it fast and easy. Our clients enjoy the experience as well as the vast amount of knowledge they get which explains why so many sign-up for retests when we visit our associate clubs.

Give FitnessWave a try. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. We're sure that once you see what we can do you for you'll want your facility to be a member of the FitnessWave network of clubs.

Setup Testing at your Site?
  • Step 1 - Email your location or group name, address, contact details, and desired date. Contact information for each region is listed under each location on the right hand navigation on this page.
  • Step 2 - We will then assist you in selecting a testing date.
  • Step 3 - We will organize the marketing with you...signs, emails, posters...whatever is required!

Corporate Programs


FitnessWave is excited to partner with Whole Body FitnessTransformation Island and Dynamic Touch Massage, and to bring you the best services for Corporate Fitness and Wellness.

Prevention is the next BIG thing in healthcare, and fitness and wellness professionals will be become an integral member of the healthcare team.  Over 75% of healthcare costs in the US goes to the treatment of chronic diseases, most of which are preventable.  There is a lot to be gained by having a healthy workforce.  A good, comprehensive workplace wellness program can, over time, produce the following benefits:

        • Fewer absences

        • Greater on-the-job productivity

        • Improved worker satisfaction and retention, and

        • Fewer dollars spent on health insurance

 Fitness & Weight Loss Services Offered
Improve and actively promote employee wellness and productivity
ONSITE – at your facility

Weight Loss Challenge

With the help of FitnessWave we can set up a weight loss challenge for your company.  We can help you develop a fun and rewarding weight loss program and give you ideas to get all the employees involved in it.  From the  announcement of  the program to the training and nutrition to go along with it giving everyone an opportunity for a successful experience! 

Run Club

We offer group run workouts for employees.  We can help you choose a 5k run in your area and create a “team building” training event.

Group Fitness instruction

We offer group training or “boot camp” style workouts for your employees.  We change workouts every 4 weeks.  We provide some equipment and may ask that additional equipment be purchased for program variety. 

Group Yoga Therapy

We offer onsite yoga therapy for your employees!  This can before work, lunch time or after work.

Fitness Program Setup

We recommend a one-time 20 minute interview/meeting for each employee participant to review health, exercise history, exercise goals, any medical conditions, goals or needs that they have.

Working with your Insurance Company

We can work with your insurance broker/company on necessary paperwork to set up and continue to meet fulfillment/qualifications of a wellness program.  We can take care of facilitation of and reoccurring paperwork with insurance company.

Corporate Gym Set Up
We can help you set up a gym facility at your office and staff it with one of our trainers starting at $80 per hour.

Lifestyle Weight Management Coaching – permanent weight loss is most effectively brought about through lifestyle changes

Our goal is for you to have a successful experience in making positive changes for a healthier lifestyle in the areas of nutrition and exercise so that you will enjoy the benefits for the rest of your life.

Creating a better balance in your life, along with learning to eat in a healthy natural way, with an emphasis on the importance of daily physical activity is the focus of this program.  

We offer one-on-one coaching or shared sessions of groups of 2-3. 

OFFSITE - at a private gym in Newport Beach

Executive Fitness Training

We have “master/elite level” trainers for your executive employees needs.  These are top notch trainers in the industry.  We realize that your executives are too busy to plan their exercise, and their lives are too important to go without it. 

Private Fitness Training

We offer “professional level” trainers for your employees. 

Partner Training

For those employees that would like to share the cost of a private personal trainer. 

Whole Body Fitness has been serving Newport Beach and the Orange County area for 13 years.  We are all nationally certified personal trainers that carry liability insurance and stay up on the latest fitness trends.  What sets us apart besides our resumes and credentials is that we plan personalized progressive training programs according to someone's fitness levels and goals.  We work with everyone including teens, seniors, clients with medical conditions/special needs, pre & postnatal training, rehab, weight loss, sport conditioning, general fitness, in-home training, outdoor exercise and group fitness.  We are very passionate about what we do and are committed to our client's goals.

Whole Body Fitness has helped many people over the years achieve their goals!

Transformation Island

TI Consulting services is a transformational leadership consulting firm. We are a full service provider of leadership and organizational development practices with a specialization in coaching, executive assessment and leadership solutions. The suite of development tools and organizational models provide a comprehensive view into the current state of your business, helping to design solutions that create results and sustain future growth.

Services Offered
        • Executive Coaching
        • Succession Management
        • Leadership Consulting
        • Executive Assessment
        • Organizational Assessment
        • Conflict Staff Reductions
        • Team Building, Event Facilitation and Leadership Retreats
        • Change Management
Transformation Island Mission:

To help companies utilize their talent, increase employee engagement and transform organizational leadership practices and processes, in order to create business results that benefit the collective organization.

Contact: Jackie Fairney 714-969-5095

Dynamic Touch Massage

Onsite massage services offered.

Contact: 949-650-4240

FitnessWave Corporate Wellness Testing

FitnessWave is dedicated to providing individuals and groups of all fitness levels with unbiased scientific testing by trained and knowledgeable staff with our mobile human performance labs.

Our testing services and evaluations provide guidance on how to improve and/or implement health and fitness programs, nutrition plans, and sport specific training.

FitnessWave's mobile human performance lab strives to provide advanced fitness assessment services to everyday individuals of all fitness levels as well as fitness minded organizations alike. FitnessWave offers advanced wellness services that no one else can match and the most important thing is that we come to you on site to provide these great services!

Our multi-service mobile concept consists of Hydrostatic Body Composition Testing(RMR) Resting Metabolic Rate Testing, andVo2 Sub-Max Testing. We have been proudly serving the fitness and corporate community since 1993!

Risk Point- Why to Test with FitnessWave?
        • Private onsite analysis of overall health and risk factors
        • Comprehensive, confidential results report
        • Understand how your lifestyle is impacting your health
        • Take a proactive, preventive approach to chronic diseases
        • Know more about your health without visiting a doctor
Pricing for FitnessWave Services

FitnessWave offers a variety of services and can customize a package to fit your company’s needs.  We offer group discounts with our services.  The sky’s the limit with FitnessWave and we hope we can help your company strive to be the best possible!  Below are some of our basic group discounts we offer.


Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing:
Standard Rate $49.95
Group Rates:

        • Over 25 $40 per (20% Off)
        • Over 40 $35 per (30% Off)
        • Over 60 $30 per (40% Off)


Resting Metabolic Testing:
Standard Rate $59.95
Group Rates:

        • Over 20 $50 per (12% Off)
        • Over 30 $45 per (25% Off)
        • Over 50 $40 per (33% Off)


Vo2 Sub-Max Testing: 
Standard Rate $109.95
Group Rates:

        • Over 10 $95.00 per ( 14% Off)
        • Over 20 $85.00 per (22% Off) 
        • Over 30 $75.00 per (32% Off)

Corporate Programs

Whether you are a personal trainer, dietician, nutritionist, corporate wellness director, or club manager you will likely love our service. Besides offering a unique service to your clients without purchasing the actual equipment, you will be giving them the rare opportunity to use the "gold standard" method in Body Composition Testing, Resting Metabolic Testing and Vo2 Sub-Max Testing.

By having these accurate measurements you will be able to customize each clients workouts and dietary needs for each individual person with greater accuracy. Subsequent tests will not only validate your training and nutrition programs but you will be able to keep your clients motivated with concrete proof of their progress, especially since we are a non-affiliated third party. And if clients are seeing results they will continue with their training which means more business for you.

Why Corporate Wellness/Return on Investment 

With Health Care expenditures exceeding 1.6 Trillion dollars a year, prevention makes good sense. Obesity related health problems costU.S. businesses an estimated $19 billion dollars a year, including $8 billion in heath insurance costs, $2.9 billion for sick leave, and nearly $1 billion of disability insurance. As you can see reducing medial costs for businesses will increase your company's bottom line. This is why many of the Fortune 500 companies are increasing there budgets for health care programs for their employees. A fit employee is a happy and productive employee. Corporate Wellness is the new trend for all businesses alike.

The Dept of Health Services just released a press release on the impact of poor health on businesses. The results are astonishing. According to HHS Secretary Tommy G. Thompson stats the importance of employers to make health promotion part of their business strategy. The report comes as he is preparing to meet with top government and business leaders to discuss the urgency of rising health care costs.
  • The US has over 129 million adults that are overweight or obese.
  • The report has found that for every $1.00 a company invests in health services for employees such as health club memberships, health screenings, nutritional programs, etc... that there was a $4.00 to $4.50 dollar return on their investment. That number is incredible. Investing in your employees health and wellness is critical with this epidemic.
  • The costs to treat someone with diabetes is estimated at $13,243 per person, compared to $2,650 per person for people without diabetes.

"Employers are becoming more aware that overweight and obesity, lack of physical activity, and tobacco use are impacting the health and productivity of their employees and ultimately, the businesses bottom line," the report states. "As a result, innovative employers are providing their employees with a variety of work-site-based health promotion and disease prevention programs. These programs have been shown to improve employee health, increase productivity and yield a significant return on investment for the employer.

The report cites specific examples of successful efforts at some major corporations. For instance:

  • Caterpillar offers a Healthy Balance Program aimed at motivating workers to make positive changes to reduce their health risks and improve their long-term health. The company projects long-term savings for this effort totaling $700 million by 2015. 
  • Motorola offers wellness and work/life programs that reach 45,000 employees, family members and retirees across the country. The efforts include disease management programs, flu immunizations, cancer screenings and other health screenings, smoking-cessation programs and a 24-hour nurse telephone line. The company reports saving almost $4.00 for every $1.00 it invests in its wellness benefits. 
  • Northeast Utilities offers a WellAware program to employees and their families to reduce lifestyle-related health risks. The program includes a health-risk assessment and targeted follow-up efforts, such as smoking-cessation counseling and rebates for purchasing smoking-cessation aids. During its first 24 months, the program reduced claims related to lifestyle and behavior choices by $1.4 million.
To get information on how to book one of our mobile wellness labs for your business, please click to  find  the mobile lab nearest you.

Why FitnessWave?

Since 1993, FitnessWave has been successfully providing clients, Universities, and medical institutions accurate and reliable results using our unique mobile testing labs and tanks systems. Although originally family owned and operated, we have our services and business model concept through business opportunities and equipment sales. FitnessWave's multi-service program provides several different fitness assessments to meet all of your personal and business needs. Choose and use what is right for you!

Whether you want to get dunked, test your metabolism, find your fat burning/training zones , or open your own business; FitnessWave can help you make the right choices to get motivated, stay on track, or even realize your entrepreneural spirit!

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