Resting Metabolic Rate Testing

About the Test...

Almost everyone knows that special someone whose metabolism allows them to eat anything they want andnever gain a pound. For the rest of us, we either have a normal or low metabolic rate. Certain factors such as age, gender, and genetics that help determine our metabolism cannot be changed; however, there is hope because we can change or increase our activity level and thus our lean mass. Furthermore, muscle is metabolically active and the more you have the higher your metabolism. Alternatively, extreme diets and overly excessive exercise can tear down your lean mass and lower your metabolism. Yet, one simple fact will always remain, FOOD IS ENERGY and you either use it or store it! Calories in vs calories out will determine your weight. Is your metabolism fast, slow, normal?

  • Let FitnessWave test your resting metabolic rate and help you calculate your daily caloric needs. This medically based breath test is not a estimate and you will know exactly how many calories your body expends at rest in a 24-hour period. Resting Metabolic Rate- Find out precisely how many calories you burn each day and then learn how many calories you need to maximize fat loss. FitnessWave uses in-direct Calomitry.
  • A simple 10 minute test can calculate the amount of food you need to consume each day to gain or lose weight. Weight loss, or body fat loss, can be tricky. You must eat enough calories for daily activities and to keep your metabolism active while creating a deficit.
  • By testing your unique metabolic rate we can help you calculate your Target Caloric Zones. With these target zones, cutting calories and burning fat will finally make sense. Find out if your metabolism is fast or slow! Resting Metabolic Rate- Find out precisely how many calories you burn each day and eat for your metabolism

A RMR test will...

* Determine your resting metabolic rate; the number of calories you would utilize if you sat in a chair all day. This test is highly accurate and uses the same technology utilized in hospitals. * Your RMR is used to calculate how much you will burn by daily activities such as walking, eating, or driving. * RMR is used to calculate how many calories you burn during moderate exercise. * We then set caloric “zones.” These include the maximum calories you may consume for weight loss, weight maintenance zone, and medically supervised zone. You will learn to eat to your metabolism!

Preparing for RMR Test

  • Do not eat food (Min. 3-4 hours prior)
  • Do not drink caffeine (6 hours) before the test
  • Do not exercise for at least (12 hours) prior to test.
Sample RMR Report

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